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Let’s talk about innovation, transparency and sustainability.

Let's talk about us.

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The history

Foto Alessandro Foti

Even today, watching a video about Fineco’s history, I still get emotional. Because I’m proud of the path that we’ve taken, at times with significant obstacles to overcome. From the start I believed that this bank could grow and become great. Today, it’s one of the most important FinTechs in Europe, listed on the FTSE MIB, among the top advisory networks and the number one online broker in Europe.

We were among the first to glimpse a major disruption on the digital horizon. And we have made this the focus of our journey, launching our online brokerage, combining it with banking modelled on the real day-to-day needs of customers, and finally completing the business model with a network of financial advisors that is among the most important in Italy, which has allowed us to quickly establish ourselves at the top of the consulting and private banking sector. We also looked beyond our borders, exporting our model abroad, and there are still many avenues waiting to be explored. Fineco continues to evolve together with the changing world, promoting sustainable growth for the benefit of all our stakeholders. This is the path we have charted since the bank's inception and that we will continue to follow. Drawing on our past experience, but looking forward to a future that is still full of great opportunities”.

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Alessandro Foti, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager FinecoBank

About us

FinecoBank is one of the most important FinTech banks in Europe. Listed on the FTSE MIB, Fineco offers a unique business model in Europe, combining the best platforms with an extensive network of financial advisors. It offers banking, credit, trading and investment services from a single account through transactional and advisory platforms developed with proprietary technologies.

Our pillars


Fintech DNA: strong focus on IT & Operations, more flexibility, lower costs.


Quality offer for happy and satisfied clients.


Fairness, respect for all our Stakeholders and zero performance fees.

Fineco's key figures

Dati al 31 Marzo 2024

128,2 mld €

Total Financial Assets

1.59 mln


60 mld €

Assets in Private banking

2,2 mld €

Net sales

147,0 mln €

Net profit




NSFR - Net Stable Funding Ratio


LCR - Liquidity Coverage Ratio




Fineco Center


Personal Financial Advisors


Customer satisfaction*

* Source: KANTAR Italia May 2024

Source: CS - Risultati 1Q24

Our values

Fineco's values underpin sustainable growth for the benefit of all our stakeholders. We firmly believe that a strong savings culture can benefit individuals and the entire community.

A pioneering business model

Foto Paolo Di Grazia

Fineco has a highly diversified and well-balanced business model that combines the best technology platform with a vast network of financial advisors. A model that, precisely for this reason, we have called ‘cyborg advisory’ to represent a bank with a very significant presence both in the construction and management of algorithms and quantitative metrics behind portfolio construction, and in the relationship with the client, through the human presence of the financial advisors.

The future will increasingly demand a combination of a powerful technological base that facilitates portfolio management combined with the interpersonal skills of a financial advisor prepared to interact with clients. In my opinion this will be the evolution of the entire asset management industry”.

Paolo Di Grazia, Deputy General Manager and Head of Global Business FinecoBank

The Best Customer Experience

Listening to customers, building a long-term relationship with them and meeting all their needs is our mission.

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Sustainability in our DNA

Sustainability has always been a core focus of Fineco and represents a fundamental element of our efforts to create value for our stakeholders.

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Pioneers and innovators since 1999

In 1999 we created the first online retail trading service in Italy, and immediately started innovating even in our advertising campaigns, launching the 3 laws of the new economy.

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Trailblazers in Private Banking in Italy

We are one of the most important players in Private Banking in Italy, offering advanced, highly personalised advisory services.

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One of the top brokers in Europe

We offer innovative products and instruments through one of the most widely used and valued trading platforms in Europe.

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International FinTech

Since 2018, with our Irish company Fineco Asset Management, we’ve been developing innovative investment solutions to meet every customer need.