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Paolo Di Grazia

Deputy General Manager and Head of Global Business

He graduated in Business Economics in 1994 from the Bocconi University of Milan. Immediately after gaining his degree, he moved to the United States and worked at the Republic National Bank of New York, dealing with derivative products. He returned to Italy in 1998 to take on the role of Business Development Director at Matrix S.p.A., where he contributed to the start up and development of the online trading platform for Fineco SIM, as well as product development and management for the Fineco brand. He joined the Company in 2004, taking on responsibility for the development and management of the retail and the trading desk. In 2007 he was appointed as Head of Direct Bank with responsibility for banking, brokerage and the trading desk. In 2015 he was appointed as Deputy General Manager. He oversees each area of business from the development of banking platforms, brokerage, investing, Marketing & Innovation to Brand & Advertising and since 19th September 2018, he also manages Investment Products & Advisory Solutions and Financial Advisory Services Units. Since 2008 he is a member of the Fineco Management Committee and since 2013 has held the position of Vice-President and member of the Executive Committee of Assosim. On 27 July 2021 he was appointed the new director of Vorvel Sim S.p.A, following the acquisition of 20% of the company's share capital by FinecoBank. On 16 June 2023 he was appointed member of the Board of Directors of Feduf, Foundation for Financial and Savings Education.

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